Kumbh Sukrit

A Forest of Ambience

Unparalleled serenity: an epicenter of humanity and nature.

✨ A celebration of Indian Heritage

Experience the serenity of Ancient India.

The Kumbh Sukrit Camp offers a truly Vedic experience, surrounded with tapestries of Mother Nature.

⛺️ The Enclosure

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πŸ”Ž An Inside View

A camp exuding peace, serenity, spirituality.

πŸ— The Making of Kumbh Sukrit

Our journey to Kumbh 2019.

Join us in our journey to the Prayag Raj, and our deep-dives into Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation.

πŸ‘ Words of Kindness

Thoughts from a global audience.

We have been fortunate to attract seekers from all around the world. We thank them for their support.

πŸ”† An Invitation

Come join us at the Kumbh 2019!

Showcasing India's cultural heritage, Kumbh Sukrit welcomes you to an ancient celebration of peace, harmony and spirituality - the Kumbh Mela.